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Monday, April 25, 2011

I was so lucky to have been able to attend this talk about Mozilla. This is one of the greatest organizations in the entire world and with 400 Million users worldwide it's but a good business model. Learning about it first hand was such an honor and it coincides with my day job. Speaking for the event was Gen Kanai the Director of Asia Business Development. His experience working with Mozilla and other reputable multinational companies was quite impressive. He shared his insights on how it became so successful and how the business model worked even if it meant that contributions would actually come from millions of people who did this for free; all for the love of Mozilla!

I'm sharing with you excerpts from the actual talk. As you can probably see on his slideshow, results can vary. We are after all a miniscule amount of people compared to what Mozilla.org is. If you try these management techniques take it with a grain of salt. Make it your own but keep in mind that this has already been proven effective with them. You might as well try it out if you manage people like I do.

This was in the Asian Institute of Management in Makati City. I was under dressed but I survived!

Thank you so much to Asia Society Philippine Foundation Inc. for inviting me to cover this event!


About Asia Society
"Asia Society is a non profit organization with a mission to promote understanding of Asia through education,lectures, films, exhibitions, conferences, seminars and travel- study tours."

About Mr Gen Kanai "Mr. Gen Kanai is responsible for business development for Mozilla in Asia, community marketing and development. He was also part of the organization responsible for the launch of Technocrati Japan. He also worked for Sony Marketing of Japan, Sony Electronics, Inc., and Toyota Motor Sales, USA Inc.among others."

To get in touch with Asia Society and their projects simply call (+632)7524374 and (+632)8108938 or visit their website at http://asiasociety.org/centers/philippines


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