The BUM "My Story" Collection

Sunday, April 17, 2011

BUM Equipment's "My Story" Collection

I just recently attended an intimate bloggers event from makers of BUM Equipment. What's great is that I'll be joining the contest too so you must make sure you don't beat me okay? Ha-ha! Seriously, I felt so special when I got there. Their niche market is EMO/slightly dark rock style and this is what they hope you would be able to communicate through photos while wearing their new line

It's called the "My Story" Collection... and it's available now in your favorite department stores nationwide. You can easily identify them on labeled swing tags that come along with it. If you join you'll have the chance to win gadgets like an IPAD2!!! Nope not an just the ordinary IPAD but the new IPAD2!!! OMG! OMG OMG!!

My photography friends, you now know what to do! We've got to get our creative juices flowing and make sure that our fashion shoots would coincide with this theme. We'll be winning that hard to get IPAD2 I'm sure!

Here are some of the highlights that evening!

Dino Imperial graced the event together with the designers, web masters and marketing managers of BUM.

Dino Imperial also shared his views on his own fashion statement. The clothes are easy, mix and match with your existing ones while keeping your individuality through the dark/emo vibe it exudes. He loves prints of graffiti, skulls, things of that nature and this was a perfect fit for him!

Make sure you get the store's branch where you got it from so you would be able to fill up the form completely online!

Belated Happy Birthday Dino! =)

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Axl Powerhouse Network said...

wow... every time na may bago sa BUM gumganda yung design nila.... sama more design and prints hehehe...

ipad2 whhahaha i wanna join.. but need more practice heheh :D

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glentot said...

I hope you win the iPad2!