Kyla - "Private Affair"

Monday, April 25, 2011

Kyla's Album called "Private Affair" has been slowly dominating the airwaves these past few weeks. True enough it now holds the Number 1 single in Pinoy MYX's Countdown. It's the authority for OPM and with that out in the open let me just touch on what the album contains.

1. "Listen" by Christine Bendebel
2. "Mahal Kita (Di Mo Pansin)" by Francis Louis Salazar
3. "Dagli Na Lang" again by Francis Louis Salazar
4. "Don't Tie Me Down"Produced by Kyla, Jay-R, Billy Crawford, Kris Lawrence, Jimmy Muna
5. "How Deep is Your Love (cover)"
6. "Private Affair" by Christine Bendebel
7. "Camouflage"by Yosha Honasan and Karel Honasan
8. "It's All About Us" by Francis Kix Salazar
9. "A Song for the Love in Summer" by Ulysis Calumpad
10."Keep the Faith" by Moby Aragones
11."Don't Tie Me Down ( which is a house mix)"

I know, one of the songs is a little star studded. Listen is a little on the mellow side. When the album starts with this you kinda get the Kyla vibe you got used to in the past albums. Actually, I feel like it doesn't do justice when you see Kyla perform live. When I got to Party Pilipinas a few months ago she's one of the nicest things I've heard since the birthday song. I tell you, Kyla should do something internationally. Maybe release something in the US and Canada because she'll probably fare well with the likes of Brandy/Monica/Mary J. Blige.

My favorite is the track "Mahal Kita (Di mo pansin)". Even though I am not into tagalog songs these days this one definitely catched my attention. I probably have heard of this a couple of months ago on radio/mp3 and the song is both catchy yet still very sentimental. If I were asked what particular song I'd sell for the local scene... this would be it. I kind of love the way it was written but I'm a little hesitant with how it was arranged in the album. Maybe if they didn't put them one after the other (the songs of Francis Louis Salazar) it would have been better. Then again, I really still love that song bar none! "Dagli na lang" became a little redundant for me because it followed a song after the same composer. If that were placed a little differently... then this whole album would be PERFECT! :)

Don't Tie Me Down as you can see is already a sure hit from the get go (see the names indicated in production?!). I like the catchy sound; and this would probably be nice if it's constantly played in bars that play house music/trans. If you mix this up with hard beats much like with DJ Tiesto or any European jocks for that matter, it would be a great collaboration. I can see this would also be nice if there would be "bar tours" coinciding with the release of this single. Imagine Britney, or Madonna but it's our own Kyla doing the moves! Just thinking about it... oooh so awesome!

About "Private Affair", I can definitely relate. It's how you cherish love. It's those small things that make you squirm when your loved one is near. When you can't talk... because you feel it. Yes, its one of those things you do when you fall in love! This song exudes that vibe! Need I say more?

Kyla's recent album is definitely a good thing to have. I'm not surprised why she is the one and only Princess of R&B. If you long for love, if you still reminisce about the past, if you are optimistic about the future and if you feel how lucky YOU ARE when you are with someone special, go to your nearest record bar and get one now!


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