The Snickers War VS Hungerlings!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

You know that time of the day when you already had lunch, dinner or snack but you still feel hungry? I often end up either sleeping it off; because I go all grumpy and rowdy/really if not violent when I see other people happy. I need that certain sugar rush to bring me back to reality and keep me sane in this crazy world. Would you believe I look like this when I'm possessed by a hungerling?! >>>>

You won't see me smiling or making jokes or worse I play tricks on ordinary humans so I can get satisfied with whatever I want to do that day (like throw bombs and fake candies!). Oooh and it only starts from there!

Last April 15, 2011 we were invited to an afternoon of fun and games over at Snickers. Yeah it's the candy bar everyone loves. I was thinking this might be the actual cure to this hungerling symptom so I signed up and got in the mood for war!

Our main tools for warfare: Laptops and Internet connection.

Mommy Bloggers also held the same armaments as we did. They were real troopers!
This is really serious... real serious! They did not let their guard down!

Even after their turns, they watched from the sidelines.

When they finished, everyone was happy and there were no signs of hungerling exposure!

There was only one winner when we went on full alert! How did we win? That's easy!

We played the Snickers Hungerlings Attack over at ; you can choose to play via keyboard or via your webcam and you'll have the chance to win these fabulous prizes!

Playstation 3 consoles, HP Mini and GSHOCK watches... Need I say more? So go ahead and point your browsers and get those hungerlings a dose of their own medicine! Just register and play the online game now, if you get the highest scores you'll surely win all these goodies!

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Visit their website at or CLICK HERE and beat those hungerlings now!



ZaiZai said...

ang cute naman nung event..cute din nung camo outfits..bakit wala kang pic naka ganun kumagcow?

John Bueno said...

Naka camou din ako pero ako kasi kumuha ng photos so wala akong pic.. lagi naman ganun LOL