They Must Be Crazy!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

The actual reason why I named my site in such a way is because some people think I'm crazy. I self diagnosed with bipolar disorder. I am extremes since when I feel depressed; my whole world collapses. If I am happy I can turn gray ones into clowns. People have been telling me that I should still seek professional help. I actually did but they said I'm normal so let's not spend too much time on that issue. I am worried though because there are people who take medications for psychological conditions that is really harmful. Imagine pregnant women having irreversible birth defects, unusual bleeding here and there, vertigo, hallucinations and a lot more horrible things that can happen upon intake of it. I would never recommend it to any of my relatives or friends and if I have to I'd participate in depakote lawsuit then say my piece against the medicine. The bad effects obviously outweigh the good and if I were in their shoes, I'll never even think about it.

It is horrible that babies could just die like that. How could they still prescribe this legally? Life is so precious; and if someone who undergoes depression needs it but later on gets the horrible effects that would be so appalling! What would you do if you were in that situation? Would you still take the bitter pill if it would cost the life of your child? I know you know the answer to that question.


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