We'll find The Cure!

Thursday, April 07, 2011

Cancer has been one of the deadliest diseases in the entire world. It has claimed the lives of quite a number of my relatives and it hasn't stopped yet. Most of them are suffering quite a lot but would want to keep quiet so as to not bother our other relatives. I've seen my own grandma go through this too and there are a lot of things I had to understand and why she had it. First is Environmental Causes. Things that you eat breathe and live in could cause immediate symptoms of Cancer. There are toxic substances like asbestos which can cause malignant lung disease of this kind and nobody knows why some countries still allow this kind of material used for different things like construction, manufacturing and building. The twin towers for example had its first forty floors smitten with it; and that caused intoxication of if not hundreds but thousands of people in New York when it collapsed. It is even said that they suffocated then some died later on because of its ill effects. If only there were mesothelioma cure available worldwide; it would immediately get this to stop... this place would be better.

I don't want to be a statistic and I'll try my best to eliminate the environmental possibilities of getting Cancer. If in case it would be the second cause which is genetics, if it starts playing this game I'd still try to contribute for research as much as I can. There are on line organizations that I can join that exactly does just that. If countries come together and fight this awful disease we would pretty soon have something that could cure us. This was the same case with cervical cancer a few years ago. Today we are optimistic that the vaccine for the virus can take care of the millions of women greatly affected by it. We can all beat cancer if we cooperate and share information with the rest of the world. We'll find the cure!


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