Monday, April 11, 2011

It was just a typical evening when I suddenly found a friend posting a promo in Facebook. It was about UNISILVER TIME and to tell you honestly I haven't seen any of their watches yet. I know Unisilver for obvious reasons like the silver products that I absolutely adore. I probably have bought hundreds of pairs (no joke!) because I gave some of them away to friends too. I knew them by name recall with that but I was glad to have known Unisilver Time... why you ask?! Take a look at this! >>>>>>

This is actually one of the most stylish good looking watch I've ever seen. It's not too glittery or fancy. It's interior even bears the map of the Philippines which I absolutely adore! The black and white finish on it makes it the perfect accessory to pair with any relaxed/outgoing clothes, non-formal or formal outfits bar none! To tell you honestly I don't own a watch now because they usually get ruined after a few days. I'm one of those guys who sweat profusely under the sweltering heat of the sun and with leather straps plus metal casings it wouldn't paint a nice picture. This was definitely perfect for me so I did the deed of joining their FB page's contest and shared it as well to my friends.

A few days after, I received a private message from Unisilver Time's Marketing Manager Ms. Cathy Ygoña and the good news was... I WON!!!!! =)

Instructions on how to claim the prize was all there and it was nice because I got to hang out with my folks afterwards because it was in Binondo (haven of the best Authentic Chinese Restaurants and Savory Chicken). When I went to the building I actually remember it from a previous photowalk I did with some of my fellow photographers. Let me just get that photo... ahh here it is!

They got me balling when they gave me the watch! Oooh I was so excited about it! It was right there! It was true! They gave me my own Unisilver Time watch!

As a matter of fact, I sooo Love it! It's so perfect for me, I was ecstatic and even decided to wear em right there and there! My Dad was envying me all the way to the restaurant and wanted to have one too! I'll probably buy him one soon. Let me just take this chance to say THANK YOU to Unisilver Time I love the watch so much I'm going to wear it everyday and tell all my friends I got it from you guys! Again thank you so much! =)

It's Unisilver Time!

Providing high quality watches for every Filipino at very affordable prices.

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Sendo said...

wow! magpacontest sana sila ulit because i want one too!

John Bueno said...

The last one just ended but meron sila for kids... maybe meron kang pinsan o pamangkin na bata sali mo na hehe

halojin said...

sana nakasali ako... pero deserve ng nanalo ang relo. .gwapo oh :) nasa nag dadala yan eh :p

John Bueno said...

Hahaha ngayon ko lang nalaman halojin bolero ka pala hahahahaha