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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Screenshot of Online Shop heaven (image not mine)

Christmas season in the Philippines started in the BER months. That starts when the month's name ends in BER that is. With the rate we're going, we're way behind schedule and we haven't been able to shop as much as we wanted. Now think about the amount of people that you haven't given any gifts during last year's holiday and you'll probably be a little sad because 1.) You may not have much time to shop 2.) Malls are too far 3.) You don't like walking around all day and still couldn't find that perfect little gift for your special someone/the one you love. It's a dilemma I know, but it's probably solvable. How? Easy, have you tried shopping online? If not, then maybe the Lamido buy and sell site interest you. They are a part of the Lazada group known for the biggest online retail stores here and around the world.

It's not easy picking a gift for a guy like me. I am so involved in fashion for men that I might discriminate a little when it comes to clothing, shoes or accessories. Hard to please? Yes I am, but if I shop I already know what to choose as soon as I get to a store and I see it. Women on the other hand would be an entirely different case. They roam around, pick one up, try it on, take it off, try another one on, spin around and return the merchandise. Somehow, I don't remember an easy breezy day in the mall when I have to accompany ladies I know there. Now, when they want to do that they would be able to do it right in the comfort of their own homes. You give them the choice, they pick the color and sizes and voila! You can have it delivered right to your doorstep, some even for free!

The best thing is, you don't have to go out and drive for that. You save on gas, you save on dining out, you save on the trip and you don't waste time spinning around the mall like a gopher who's lost his own hole. That's great technique right there which you can smash outside the ballpark, give yourself a pat on the back then say "I did good today!".

Oh and if you're still looking for more ways to shop, your Android phone might come handy. Get it from the Google Play store in this URL: You'll thank me afterwards! By the way, I already found a couple of watches that would fit me quite nicely, if you want to buy me one I won't stop you! Ha!


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