Disney Infinity - Marvel Super Heroes 2.0 Edition Launch

Monday, September 29, 2014

Mike Schneider Senior Producer Disney Interactive
I've been playing consoles since I was a kid. I journeyed far and beyond Manila to get a decent challenger in some of the games I play and have championed some of them. I got pretty rusty already because the usual games I played became outdated in a couple of years and it was pretty hard to learn new ones later on. I still have a my Playstation addiction and can play a mean round or two of any game of your choosing. I can easily adapt because I am a gamer no matter how new these console goes out in public.

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One of the innovations on these consoles that got my attention lately is this game in particular called Disney Infinity. I haven't played the game yet but when we got to the launch a few days ago, they were already releasing the second edition. Think of multi-player, then use characters from Disney and Pixar. Think of the game play that would come out in their various skills and superpowers done in spectacularly designed environments made by professional ones or community members who even give their designs away for free via Toy Box. You can just imagine the possibilities. The recently launched one includes The Disney Infinity Marvel Super Heroes Starter Pack version 2.0 includes the game software, the Disney 2.0 Base, The Avengers 3 piece character set (Iron Man, Black Widow and Thor), two toy box game discs, your own game web code card and Toy Box 2.0 software too. They also released Spiderman and Guardians of the Galaxy play sets so you can mix them up if the game allows it. You would need to play specific quests in order to make that available in the game. 

In the Disney Infinity Marvel Super Heroes 2.0 Edition, they are bringing more fresh content and story lines. They also believe that they'll be impressed with how these new characters would be involved inside the story doing flying, web swinging, crawling, smashing a lot more. The Toy Box 2.0 was also improved by a mile making it easier and efficient in making random or designed pieces wherever and whenever they are in the country. Characters can also be updgraded in skill so don't fret if you're going to need the playset 2.0 to mix with first edition ones. They'll be mixing and matching them as long as you do the special quests in the game. The all natural games  will surely make adventure lovers love it even more when it arrives on your doorstep. Last year's event got us excited over the developments coming to the version 1.0, now that they've got 2.0 and pretty impressive characters in the story. 

Gameplay is nice. I played an hour or so on my first try. I loved how free the environment was because you can fly, you can change characters by placing a different one on the Disney Infinity pad. You can also use the game discs to boost the powers of your characters as if it wasn't powerful enough. The graphics, it has more to improve but I think the thing to consider is that it's made cartoon-ish so don't expect life like characters. They also needed to make them equate with the other characters from other shows and that is a bit complicated. You also need to do special quests in order to use the other characters. Aside from that, skill upgrades are available while inside the game so your superpowers improve as you get further in the story. I like the modes where you can also ride a motorbike and roam around the city that way or be in versus mode to battle for the best time.

What I like is the fact that it is now here in the Philippines. In the past we always had to import things like these just to get it. It's presence along may spur gaming trends because it's not like the oridnary consoles we had these past few years. It's a new technology, it's got a Toy Box and a lot of gaming opportunities. I wish I had compatible consoles but it's a good thing you can play this on the PC by downloading off their website. Register now and make your own Disney Infinity a reality!


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