SM Mall of Asia's International Food Festival

Thursday, September 04, 2014

One of the largest malls in the world SM Mall of Asia just made the whole month of September even better by making a one of a kind celebration. The mall has it all, and with the advent of families, tourists and people like you going to MOA, they've prepared a celebration like no other with the MOA International Food Fest slated this September 5 up until the 30th. Participating brands and establishments will dish out a lot of special dishes just for this occasion and luckily we were there to experience it first hand before everybody did last weekend. We hopped on the electric cars in Mall of Asia and tried out different restaurants in different locations. First up is Congo Grille in the mall's left side.

Congo Grille

Congo Grille is more of a Filipino restaurant serving grilled and non grilled specialties that cater to groups and serves family style. They also have packages for five, ten or thirty people called Tribal Feast and even have Pinoy Salo Salo for those who want something different. 

The branch in Mall of Asia's left wing can seat up to 150 and have al fresco options if you want to be a little rowdy with your friends. They do serve beer too so if you want a break from the office, then this is a good place to start your night. Congo Grille is affiliated with restaurants like Karate Kid, Tempura, Flavors of China and Holy Cow. If you love those brands, then you'll love Congo Grille better. 

Big Better Bangus

We also got to taste one of their best sellers called "Big Better Bangus". It's a huge, a gigantic milk fish that's marinated, breaded, deep fried and sprinkled with a generous amount of garlic. I absolutely loved it especially the stomach. I think when I bit into it, it was almost an inch thick! I went to heaven and back after that.

The dipping sauce is made of sweet soy and a piece of chili. Breaking that up in the little bowl was really nice.

To finish it off, I had this glass of Mango shake which is just one of the drinks on their menu. They have a lot so make sure you take a look at it when you visit Congo Grille.


Situated at the back part of the Mall of Asia grounds is Vikings Luxury Buffet Restaurant, one of Manila's best buffet venues. I've been hearing about them a lot from friends and been seeing photos of their spread non stop on Instagram in the past. This is also my first time here and I'd really like to get to know the place, so we're setting sail on a great journey to get to know Vikings a little better.

The ship has all the goods you would want in a feast, and yes the thing sits right in the center of the venue. They almost have everything and more. We got to taste the things they are offering just for the MOA International Food Fest prepared by Vikings own Chefs.

Chicken with Lime and Chili Sauce
Don't even mistake the small portion to be less tasty. This Chicken with Lime and Chili Sauce packs a punch in flavor and would be something perfect as appetizers to start the meal. They'll be adding this onto the regular buffet menu and everyone would love this and its flavor profile. It's chicken that's savory and a little tangy on the end. It's fresh and lovely. You must try this thing this month!

Strawberry Balsamico Nigiri
For those who would love Japanese, this one is a sweet treat. Sweetened rice topped with slivers of Strawberry, caviar and sprinkles of Tempura batter for that crunchy texture. It's also laced with Balsamic Vinegar that makes it a bit sweet and tangy at the same time. It was so good. This will also be part of the things in the Japanese section this month if you visit Vikings in Mall of Asia!

Calzone with Roasted Pepper Sauce
 One of the best things Italian people ever invented is Calzone. In their turf, their version has flaky pizza dough to cover huge lumps of sausages and meat, cream, bell pepper, and tons of Mozzarella cheese cheese and cheese. I had half the bread so I was so stuffed after it but never did regret a single moment of that dreamy meal I was having. The sausages were well seasoned so you were not just having "stuffing", it was really good. Add to that the smoky smelling bell pepper sauce that's perfectly roasted and turned into this. Dip the Calzone, and you'll say expletives involuntarily. Heaven again.

Roast Pork Loin Provencale
As the name suggests, this is Roasted Pork Loin laid on a bed of sweet tomatoes, onions, garlic and anchovies. On the side is roasted asparagus spears and it's own sauce. The combination was really nice, a tad on the salty side but if eaten with rice or just veggies it's a great dish.

Krispy Kreme

I grew up loving the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. It's a good thing that Krispy Kreme, America's number 1 donut brand came out with these cute TMNT versions to the delight of kids in the Philippines. My favorite is of course Michaelangelo but you can opt for Raphael, Leonardo or Donatello if that's what you fancy. We also got a glimpse on how they were made inside the store.

Krispy Kreme's Famous Glazed Donuts

It was a perfect way to end our journey in Mall of Asia's International Food Festival and if you like what you see, come visit the participating restaurants and get the chance to win tons of gift certificates, trips to local and international destinations, packaged tours just by getting Special Eats on the menu. Just get the coupon and drop them off designated boxes found in key points at the Mall of Asia grounds. Isn't that neat? You eat at the best places, get the best food and perks plus a chance to win a dream trip for two only from the Mall of Asia as they celebrate the International Food Festival this month!


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