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Tuesday, September 02, 2014

It's one of the not so liked chores that I would want to do. Washing clothes can be really tough for me especially when we all started with hand washing. These days, men can only think of one thing to buy their wives something to make things easier and sure enough, like in any home we just want a tough washing machine that can do the job. That's where Electrolux in the Philippines comes in. They used to go house to house with their men but today, you can easily find them in malls and stores when you need them, where you need them.

They now make heavy duty washing machines that does everything automatic. Something smart enough that these washer and dryers have their own Load Sensor which lets you know the amount of detergent and water to use when you put it in. It's well designed button system also lets you know what particular time to use for certain fabrics and what temperature to use as well. It also uses Vapour Action in one of its settings to get the ironing job later on easy. It shouldn't be hard for anyone to use without even looking at the manual. The Electrolux Stainwand top load type of washing machine on the other hand uses a retractable ultrasonic wand and T-Drive technology to easily get rid of those hard to remove stains each time you spin the clothes and make an effort when it's time to wash them. It smells fresh and you save energy by using the hardware efficiently with the only needed water and detergent no matter how big or small your load is. After all, smart people use smart appliances right?

Make sure you do the deed when choosing your companion in the hardest chores in your home. The last thing you would want to have is a laughable white elephant in your home that's not much use for the rest of your family. Take a moment and see what Electrolux can see in your home and it might be the greatest decision you'll have for a long time. That's the greatness that only Electrolux fabric care appliances. You know how it works, test it out on stores and see the difference, capisce?!


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