Be Careful With My Heart : "The Happily Ever After" Ending

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Be Careful With My Heart Cast
It might be the last time you'll see them together in one photo. So this one's for keeps. The well loved series Be Careful With My Heart just recently held their finale presscon. I already felt a little sad when I heard of it and I knew that the moment this happened, everyone was trying to stop crying just thinking about it.

I tried to get a shot of them one by one but they were just a little fast going up the stage.

I felt a little nostalgic because the last time I saw them, they were asking us to promote their show. Now that the show's ending, they asked us if it will be a happily ever after. I'm sure it will be a little bitter sweet.

Jodi Sta. Maria and Richard Yap says they'll be forever grateful to ABSCBN for giving them a show that lasted this long. They hope this happy ever after ending to the show would be something fit so that the viewers would still find the end something perfect because they've been part of the journey of Maya and Sir Chief. Jodi says "BCWMH changed our lives and at our age, Richard and I did not expect that we would experience having albums, concerts, world tours, endorsements, a love team at this age. All these things happened because of you guys (their fans), you are the true reason why our episodes come out so beautifully."

Richard Yap says " I hope they bring to life all the moments that made them smile, those of which gave them joy, hope and inspiration. Something that made them think to be good to other people. "

Be Careful With My Heart will officially end on November 28, 2014. Please continue to watch the show and see how the "Happily Ever After" will happen to Maya and Sir Chief. The two years was great, let's end it on a high note and while everyone is still glued to it. I'm sure other people from other countries would also appreciate this. They've been enjoying the show a lot and getting this ending will get them to see how this family be the dream one they've been following all these years.

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