Ending "Dading" Part 2: Interview with Chynna Ortaleza and Glaiza De Castro

Monday, September 15, 2014

Chynna Ortaleza and Glaiza De Castro

Chynna's character on the show is Celine Enriquez. She's a bit villain, a bit understanding and a bit more flawed too. She's the fiance of Joemer and try as much as she can to understand him. Met with the fact that she couldn't bear a child nor keep her soon to be husband on a leash seems to be like a nightmare for this control freak. Joemer is the only one who can break her down, and she let's him do it countless times. When he leaves, a last ditch effort to forgive him and forget what happened turned mighty sour in the end. She starts taking claim to Joemer's kid Precious, and we have to think about where that goes.

Chynna was still as bubbly as the first time I've seen her on TV. All the quirky things she does, she's still at it... it was even amplified when she got to work with Glaiza De Castro. She mentioned when she initially saw Glaiza on TV, she says she was weird... and she'll absolutely get along with her... like glue. When asked about what project she thinks they'll be doing next (since she wants to work with them again) she joked about it and said "adult films" (to say that nicely) then everyone laughed while we were there. Maming or anything that would be just with their current artists. Glaiza said just as long as they are together, they can do it (then they laughed it off again!). 

Glaiza says this is the first time that she had a friendship this deep with a cast on any show she's done in the past. They're all connected on iMessage groups, and the stuff that they send to each other no matter how weird it is, somehow makes sense... even if it doesn't make sense. It's not even normal for them to be serious, or to be too sensitive to jokes or any issues. It's like an extremely random room but they completely understand each other.

Glaiza also says that Benj is really someone she could talk to, even in terms of physical training. He taught her how to eat healthy and even started eating cereals regularly, small things, small things that actually make you remember them. That's exactly what she'll miss about him. 

Chynna is one person that gets how weird Glaiza is. Her dark side, she understands it all. She's not the absurd type, they always understand each other and you can't see that with most people. This is the same reason why she appreciates their friendship. Glaiza says that Gabby is like the bestfriend and husband all in one. The genuine concern, she really felt it with Gabby. The consistency and their connection on and off screen is what she'll miss most. Chynna says they are so blessed to have a show, but more blessed with the people she's working with. It's her first time to to have people from one show be like this and she knows they'll progress more even outside the set. Even after Dading, she hopes they will be more close than what they are right now.

Chynna mentions that Benjamin is the kind of person that is so sensitive. He knows when Chynna is down, when she feel frustrated at times. She doesn't even have to tell him. He's the person who will go to you and hug you if he sees that you need it. He's going to make you feel like he's gonna be there for you. That helps a lot when they're in a scene or just work because they're like husband and wife too in this project. Plus the fact that she knows now that somebody is passionate about words, and literature and things like that. I can talk to him about these things. Glaiza and Chynna gets always checked when they need anything and genuinely asks them for it. It's not often to experience that from co-actors.

Chynna is happy that Glaiza and her worked together. She admires her work. She's surprised that it's not only work but everything that they jive together. She's always so true, it's rare to find that nowadays in showbiz. She will really miss how genuine she is. 

Chynna couldn't find the words to say who Gabby is for her during this whole stint. She says he's like the anchor. He also taught her a lot of things to become a better person and not just being an actor. His love, they didn't doubt it at all on any time they did this series. He's always there for them. The immense amount of love he gives to the cast, is unquestionable. Sometimes Chynna feels she could never even give back as much, and adds that he's that kind of person that can do that... then she asks for a hug with him during the interview.

Gabby Eigenmann says "Honestly, there are only a few words that I can say, but so many words in my heart. What I want to say is, the best thing for me is that.. I've worked with many people, many other stars, but this is where I only became myself. Usually in showbiz, you only put your best foot forward. They allowed me to take care of them, they allowed me to be me. With Ben, I never just found a friend, I found a brother. When you say friend, you can label that but what I want is something that would be there for you. Everyone in my family can describe him as "cool". If they keep on saying that I'm an anchor, Ben is like the Captain. They think I'm the leader but Ben does the strategy, in this industry, issues in life, he can handle that.

Glaiza, never in my life have I seen anyone like a good actress. She's also the first person that I found connection with, as individuals on and off cam. It's so light to work with her. Her passions in music, in arts, she pushes for that. I love Ben, I love Glaiza, I love them both.

Chynna, I couldn't understand our relationship anymore because we know each other since we were little. Same school, same crowd, she would talk to the right people, like us if she gets frustrated, and I like that part. She's so passionate about work. Even if she was barred to do a love scene in this project, she still did it because she knew it was part of the story. She's a lot of things, and I love her for that. 

Up until the last scenes and last taping days we had, I told them to make the most out of it. It's one of the rare casted shows where we were handpicked, experimented, even if we're from different shows, who knew that if they combined us... that it'll be this big. It's not because Carding is the lead star, it was never that, it's because of everyone here. I needed that, knowing that they needed me too."   

The show is about to end in a few weeks. It'll be an emotional roller coaster just like what it is everyday in that show. I'm not ashamed to have been a fan of this show and dedicate this two part post to this well loved program from GMA. I hope they would get to work in another project like they wished to in the interview. They deserve it after getting the rave reactions they got from the viewing public.


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