Sweet Chili Thai Fish and Noodle House

Sunday, September 07, 2014

Gerry's Grill has been a staple in Filipino and Asian food since 1997 and it has been able to give friends, family, some of the best dishes and beer pairings since then. Owner Gerry Apolinario felt it was time to diversify their portfolio and since he's been well traveled, he wished of a place that would be able to take authentic Thai flavors to the Philippines but not charge an arm and a leg. It's important for him to earn just like any business but if the Filipinos couldn't afford it then no one would be able to experience these dishes. This is the start of how they pictured this new joint at the new Fisher Mall in Quezon Avenue, Quezon City. They called it "Sweet Chili Thai Fish and Noodle House".

The Ambiance

The place has got seating of a round 40-50 people and extended outside for around 30 more. The interiors consist of a couple of "spices in spoons" murals in walls and has ample amount of natural light coming from the back. The space got maximized since the floor area is a bit small, but it's got an Open Kitchen as a focal point. There are also two huge aquariums on the side for the fresh and live fish that they serve to diners. It does make a difference when you taste something freshly caught of course! There's also a loft to house the kitchen's extension because they need the space for prepping ingredients of a fabulous menu. Let's take a look at that next! 

The Food

The available condiments
If it's Thai food that you're after, they have the condiments that go with it. In Thailand, small stores have these on bowls. Sweet Chili Thai Fish and Noodle House wants you to experience what it is like in Thailand so you've got pickled chilis, sambal chili, dried chili, and pickled ginger. I had the sambal chili on my plate and it was so good, I almost emptied the whole jar!

Kamias Shake
I've tasted one of these in Cebu, but I think Sweet Chili Thai Fish and Noodle House wants a small fusion too of Thai and Filipino so they made this available for drinks. Pretty good too and not too tangy.

Pad Thai with Egg

It's Pad Thai like I remember it in the streets of Bangkok. The rice noodle mixed with sweet savory and salty shrimp paste doused with crunchy peanuts and a sprinkle of calamansi juice makes this the perfect lunch or dinner if you're around the area. It's a little on the fishy side but it's really good, plus the egg adds another layer, makes it also just like the ones stir fried in Bangkok.

Seafood Tom Yum
It's broth is made of legends. It's hot because of the chili and sour because of the lemon grass, ginger and kaffir lime leaves. It's so good that even if I'm allergic to seafood, I had to have it on my bowl. This is one of the must try dishes in Sweet Chili Thai Fish and Noodle House. Perfect to accompany all things fried, or even paired with rice. Trust me, I had two bowls.

Thai Fried Rice
Their version of Thai Fried Rice is very good. The slices of pork made this a one dish meal but of course you still have to have the other viands to go with this. The mix of spice, salty shrimp paste, egg, mango and onions brings a whole new depth of flavor. It's like eating rice with the salad on it. I like this a lot.

Grilled Liempo
Now you must forgive me, I thought this was going to be "Just another liempo" dish and I didn't pay attention to it much when it was served on the table. I must say, I was wrong.... so wrong that I almost ate all of it. The pork was so soft and had a pretty mean barbecue flavor. The softness, almost melts in your mouth when you have it with hot white rice served that afternoon. The difference of this against other liempos is the sauce. The condiment they served with this had a hint of vinegar, some spices and a little cilantro. It was definitely surprising, order this if you want comfort food and make sure you mix in the sauce before you take a bite... it's makes one heck of a difference.

Stir Fried Spicy Chicken in Basil Leaves
This is the Stir Fried Spicy Chicken in Basil Leaves. Sweet Chili Thai Fish and Noodle House makes their fried chicken fit for the royals. This one is uber crunchy. It's mixed with chili, garlic and fried basil leaves. The aroma is perfume like and quite addicting. Dip it on chili sauce and it's complete. This would be perfect for families or 2-3 persons if they have the appetite. Love it!

Seafood Fried Rice
I took a bit of this fried rice from a different plate right away because they said it was spicy. I love that kick, it makes the dish different and not fishy. Sweet Chili Thai Fish and Noodle House has this and a lot of other spicy dishes but makes sure they are perfect for the Filipino palate. That's an excellent trick, executed nicely.

King Fish with 5 kinds of herbs
I told you earlier that they had an aquarium right? It's got these huge fish on them still alive. Sweet Chili Thai Fish and Noodle House wants to only serve the freshest so after a bout and a half in the kitchen, they make this King Fish and serve it with 5 kinds of herbs. It's like Sweet and Sour fish but more savory. Fish lovers should rejoice because of its deep flavor.

Chicken Pandan

Thai Food wouldn't be complete if you didn't have Chicken Pandan on the menu. It's super fragrant that I could even eat the pandan on it if it weren't edible. The well marinated chicken inside and crunchy skin was definitely a crowd pleaser. I love this so much that I'll go back just for this one!

Tofu with minced Chicken
 The soft pillowy tofu is deep fried and set with a thin crunchy skin. Then it's topped with minced chicken and a sauce that almost tastes like curry.I love this too and it's reminiscent of that tofu steak found in Japanese restaurants. It's really good for vegetarians who can still eat chicken.

I thought this was made with glutinous rice but I was wrong. It definitely did not taste like our local rice cakes. Underneath that coconut cream are soft tapioca pearls cooked with pandan. It is topped with dessicated coconut and everything tastes like a sweeter version of maja blanca. It's definitely a good dessert option other than the Thai Halo Halo on their menu. This one's highly recommended too!

All you gotta do now is invite your friends and family to the 2F of Fisher Mall located at Quezon Ave. cor. Roosevelt Ave. Quezon City, Philippines and have a taste of Thailand right in the heart of Metro Manila. It's as authentic as it can get because the Chef is also Thai. Done deal right? Call them now at (02) 364 5550 and reserve a table.

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