Tuesday, September 30, 2014

When Manny Pangilinan made this statement last September 24, 2014, we all thought it was going to be about the FIBA Hosting. When I arrived at the venue, there were rumors that it was about a company merger. Then when I sat down, the person sitting beside me told us the announcement was about their plans to take over Philippine Airlines. All of these were BIG news, but I wasn't prepared for what was going to happen that afternoon... his announcement, was about FREE INTERNET for all SMART, Talk N  Text and SUN subscribers!

Now I also asked myself what benefit would this do to Smart's 66 Million subscribers, they said that only around 20 percent use mobile internet data connection so the deal is to make this a part of their daily lives. They will make them try the service for FREE until November 30. Don't ever be afraid if your a postpaid subscriber because no matter how the prepaid subscribers use this, they'll still be able to accommodate it. Their network has been long ready for the capacity since they have steadfastly worked on its structure in the past few years.

Chairman Manny Pangilinan said "There are already a lot of people using smartphones but never had the chance of using data services, so what better way to get them a taste of it but by giving it for free. It's a way to what we say in Smart, Live More!".

You need to have at least one peso on your balance or subscribed to any of their promos in order to get connected. You can register now by texting the word FREE to 9999. You'll get a text confirmation and have around 30MB of free data for daily use. You have to remember though that peer to peer uploads and downloads, videos, VOIP and messaging would get you to have standard data charges on your prepaid account. You must exercise caution and don't hog the network! After all, this was made to make INTERNET FOR ALL a reality! Check the fine print here.

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