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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

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It's funny to stumble upon something that would be important for students that I know in Smart's website. I went to college with a measly daily allowance but that didn't stop me from getting Internet connection when I needed it. Don't ask me when but even then I figured mobile data wasn't even existent at these speeds, let alone being used quite extensively for everyday activities. I envy them now.

It's because a new mobile platform has been developed by the people from Smart Communications Inc. Soon, they would be able to offer Internet access for as low as P 1.00. Crazy right? but it's real. They call it “PisoNet” and they will initially offer this to Talk ’N Text (TNT) subscribers. Upon subscription, they would be able to access to all applications and websites on smart phones at the rate of P 1.00 for every 10 minutes. You would however have the exception of video streaming sites and file-sharing activities which usually hog bandwidth. I think that's a fair deal if all you are after is research or small things for school. You can also use if for social networks or just when you want to talk and chat with your friends on this medium. It's way cheaper than the ordinary 5 pesos per 15 minute rate you usually are charged regularly. That means, they'll help more Filipinos who have mobile phones gain access to the Internet without breaking the bank. 

Charles A. Lim, EVP and Head of the Wireless Consumer Division at Smart says “Now, one peso is all you need to access the Internet. PisoNet thus brings the many benefits of the Internet to more Filipinos nationwide, especially those who are accessing the Internet for the first time using their phones."

They are also making this part of the PowerApp. It's Smart's own platform for mobile Internet packages. Users can purchase Internet bundles such as Social, Photo, Email, Chat and individual apps that you can get as low as P5 a day.

So go ahead and try PisoNet by texting PISONET to 5555. If you want to use Smart's PowerApp, check out their special offers at It's that easy. Yes, this P 1.00 Internet rate has been studied quite well and might make mobile Internet connection in these segments as regular as buying shampoo sachets in neighborhood stores.


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