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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Drug addiction has been a blatant problem in the Philippines and it has been for quite a number of years. Thousands of politicians passed away uttering the same statement for this world wide problem but nobody has eliminated it at all. I don’t want to finger point and tell who is right or wrong but what I can tell you is that it only works if there is political, social and cultural will among the people. This is very hard for a third world country; and it goes the same with the US too. I have been an advocate of organizations against drug and substance abuse, the stories behind it would probably change your mind listening to me. It’s okay though because I would not like to go that far in this story.

Laws have been passed, people got jailed and some were lucky enough to go through rehabilitation. There is still stigma on those who do recover from it no matter what we do and how we handle it because we all could not control the mind set of other people. How fast we recover in the addiction and the elimination of a possibility of recurrence is very important to understand. Without the help of professionals and those that have gone through the same ordeal that they have, they probably would have nobody to believe in.

Good thing there are support groups and online communities from the private sector who voluntary handle these things. In The Rooms for example gets people that have faced the addictions head on and survived from it. There are thousands of people who also went through the same problem of addiction and hearing their stories and how they resolved it would definitely give one hopeless person the chance to renew his life. I recommend you visit the Prism Award winning site if you need help and make it at least a place to start. Remember, change CAN begin with you.


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