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Thursday, March 26, 2009

The US President went to the Senate Democratic Caucus meeting to sell his 2010 budget proposal, on the photo is Democratic Sen. Kent Conrad.
(Photo by Melina Mara/ THE WASHINGTON POST)

The worst is not yet over. This has been a very busy week for the US President because the democrats continue to fight the economic stimulus plan that he tried to lobby in the Senate. Apparently, his own boys are doing some major word wars in the house that is causing delays for this law to be passed. He however is not surprised but more worried that if it took too long to get this onto his table and sign it, the whole plan would collapse and cause more problems bigger than before.

Republicans are also capitalizing media mileage from the anger the public has been putting on the insurance giant AIG. They even had their signage taken down in the front of their building because they were too embarrassed for continuing with the Executive Bonuses in spite of public outrage and cries for them to return it. The common workers in the US paid for their taxes and the stimulus package plan that was supposed to go to the corporations under trouble was paying its Directors and CEO's millions of dollars. Imagine how people feel now when some of them could not even afford 3 meals a day.

They lived thru huge credits and paycheck to paycheck these days because they are the ones affected by the unethical actions of these private entities. The US President even asked some of them to return half of these bonuses and some even returned it because their names are already surfacing and they do not want to be put on the stake as the one who got paid these huge amounts. Good thing there are Easy Pay Day Loans that provide immediate and fast cash to these economically crippled individuals so they can still take care of their families. Without it, a large sector of the citizenry would have depended on the government for assistance. The private sector also chipped in to help with short term loans. They are nationwide since they are online, so go and check them out at Even without credit checks they can provide these easy to get pay day loans when you need it most.


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