Chirs Brown is Recording?? (O_o)

Monday, March 02, 2009

ll along there were articles of remorse and thoughts of fixing things but the only thing he's worried about today is recording. Yes ladies and gentlemen, he's not dealing with court lawyers at this time because he's making songs... and lots of it. As if he's getting people to buy it. Oh come on!

He's also on a jet ski diet as he is being seen a couple of times already outside P. Diddy's mansion. He however is not seen with Rihanna but according to news articles he is trying to patch up things with Rihanna. As with people that know what will eventually happen in the future, I fear for Rihanna's life. I'm sure he's going to have to do more than that and get major jailtime to convince me, following their Grammys eve blowup I'm sure he's thinking he's going to get away with it and possibly avoid the lawsuits coming his way.

Chris Brown was seen recording late at night at Miami's famed Hit Factory studio. There has been no sighting of Rihanna at any of the sessions.


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