Hybrid Car Day!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The hybrid cars are making a huge waves in the auto industry. I haven't driven one so the actual mechanics on how it works is mind boggling for me. I saw one in TV when I watched The Girls of the Playboy Mansion... yeah I know what your thinkin... hey I just watched promise!

The car actually runs on gas but when you stop in a corner or slow down, it automatically switches into electric and the car seems to halt but in reality its really just going the mile with electricity instead. This is really a great answer to the oil needs of most countries and if this goes with the Filipino water cars, I bet you its going to be more efficient. I was really at awe on how it 't works, how in the world didn't anybody think about this before? Anyway its very very good that more models are coming out from Japanese, American and German manufacturers.

And think about the grand prix outfits holly, kendra and the girls would wear if they show up in those cars in style! Hahaha.... I know lotsa drivers are going to be excited!


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