Nickelodeon Nominates Chris Brown Still

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Well known Kids network Nickelodeon still stands by its decision to push through with the nomination of Chris Brown despite the overwhelming calls and petitions not to do so in the annual Kids Choice Awards. Police say Rihanna was allegedly punched, bitten and choked by Brown last month.

Almost 3,000 kids around the country had signature campaigns to stop this from happening for obvious reasons but the network sticks to this nomination since it does not mean he'll win the category that also he's competing with Rihanna with his single Kiss Kiss.

I don't know what else would be kicking them in the long withstanding trial he's going through but if it was my decision, I'd probably pull him out since clamor for it has been given by kids who in all means should be the one deciding in this race. Remember, its a Kids Choice Award after all.


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