The Oscars 2009

Monday, March 02, 2009

I guess I should let you into my insights in the not so recent Oscars awards night where veteran actor Sean Penn won Best Actor, Penelope Cruz won Best Supporting Actress and Kate Winslet won Best Actress. Of course Heath Ledger couldn't come to the occasion since he is with the creator already. If he did go there the celebrities would have ran away literally.

Heath Ledger's sister accepted the award together with his Mum, they accepted it in behalf of Heath's daughter which did not make an appearance in the show.It also was nostalgic to see the past winners of Oscars presenting the award themselves. I specifically like the only african american guy...ahmmm... Yeah it was Cuba Gooding Jr. who cracked me up on his speech when he was presenting one of the nominees. He's just funny.

All in all the Oscars was a great success with Hugh Jackman as the host. Most people did not know he could sing and dance. He actually won a TONY award previously for some stage stints he did so this shouldn't be that surprising.


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