Searching for Valuable Information

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I've been looking for information on the World Wide Web this morning for my Dad. He was asking me about the rules FIVB released lately about beach volleyball. He's into sports and he is probably going to be one of the referees this coming UAAP season for the beach volleyball event in my university. I looked up premier search engines and only got a few results that dated last year. That was just not enough in my books because I need something more recent.

I'm not bragging about anything but since the famous ones failed me, I used AAfter Web Search Engine instead and I was in for a surprise. Aside from the original document that I needed, there were even a couple things I found out from other web sites it recommended. I saw some local establishments where they could get materials for the court they plan to use so if my Dad enlists my services then I probably know how to set that up. Another good deal for me and my Engineering firm if that materializes. That would be just nice right?!


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