Nicole and the VFA

Thursday, March 19, 2009

It's time to put my self on the chopping block again and talk about politics, the government and the infamous VFA deal with Nicole... the so called raped girl who later re canted everything else.

First of all, I was thinking about what this could probably cause with the on going case against Daniel Smith, a GI listed personnel who participated in the VFA exercises. Yeah they went to a bar, drank a couple of rounds of alcohol and went out to a motel to get junked. Well that was not the case when they filed it because she cried foul, and said she was raped and forced to have sex without her consent.

This was all a big issue with womens groups, but from a standpoint she might have only lost confidence with the justice system and broke an out of court settlement with the US government. Now she has a new American boyfriend, and she's even living in the US. After years of spending time with this case, I mean who would not lose hope right?

This would really just hurt the ego of womens group who fought for her in the first place. The re cantation did nothing though because it only crushed the hopes of these other women. The whole case has been decided already and the re cantation is just rubbish if you ask me. It all looks fixed and paid for. At least she got something out of the ordeal than do business with this government who never got Daniel Smith in jail.

Do you think its fair? Of course not... nobody said it was anyway!


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