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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I've been handling my finances very well these days and my trusty Gold VISA Card was sufficient for what I need regardless of the pricey annual fee it entails. I get lots of perks considering its quite plain these days to have one in this side of the world. With the good credit standing and spending habit that I acquired (by being a great shopaholic), I've accumulated just this past year a larger than life value which I won't mention here for security reasons. I guess I dropped in with large purchases this Christmas season that made me qualify for bigger opportunities. Somebody from their company called me because they plan to actually give me a greater credit limit and waive the annual fee so they can let me in on the platinum one. This just goes to show they rather want to see me spend higher this year than plainly see me spend a couple of thousand pesos annually for the old one. I almost said yes and succumbed to their wishes for me to pay higher rates by next year, but I opted to stay within my means instead. I had no regrets doing that since I'm not planning to get big purchases like I had in the past. I've got lots of bills to pay too so when this would make me tempted to spend for utilities at home I probably would get in trouble. I just hope not!

Although, its these days that I sometimes think about the bigger perks I could have had when I get that higher plan. I remember the legend and existence of a black American Express Card where you could literally get into the most posh clubs anywhere if you flash it. The exclusivity dwindled after a few years though because as much as they wanted to keep it that limited, everybody else was having it already. Today, the market leader just introduced the visa black card. This would probably bury the hatchet and put the nail on the coffin to the genre the black American Express card tried so hard to establish. They even have better perks than the latter in my opinion so most probably; I'll have the Visa Card since that is more accepted in this part of the world. I could probably afford the purchasing power of this card by then and they would waive the annual fee permanently since I'm on a class of my own. It seems I have a lot of things to do. These are the things that inspire me to work harder. I mean hey! The perks should be better for people like me right?!


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