Caloocan City "Kalokohan in the City"

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I've spent my college years in Caloocan City since Engineering Majors only start in that campus. I really hate what I'm hearing right now in radio stations and news papers. Its not surprising that Andres Bonifacion would probably go down his monument that fronts the dilapidated Gotesco Grand Central Mall because of the problems surrounding the debate on who owns the commercial complex that stands on the former land of Cecilio Apostol Elementary school.

The lease of the 22,685 square meter lot o June 14, 1983 has been sold on September 19, 2008 after the courts allowed it. But then the City Government never forgot about the taxes the establishment owns that amounts to almost 723 Million in the last 23 years. This is the real property tax that was not settled but both parties are crying foul because apparently the Go family was being asked for money by the incumbent Mayor Echiverri. It's a huge mess and just thinking about how old the mall is makes it doubly furious. Who owns it now? They are all saying its their own but once the City Government already "sherrifed" this property there will be huge fights from stall owners, the Go Family and the forces from the local government. Something big will erupt soon in the north and a lot of people will lose their businesses and jobs. I hope someone takes action soon from the national government.

I have my memories in Caloocan, I just wouldn't like these people to put blood on the floor once the city government takes action.


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