Saturday, March 28, 2009

Just a quick post before I sleep. Yeah I know, its 6AM and I just got in. No I did not come from work... I just came in from clubbin! Yeah! My favorite past time has come to an end and made me a happy kid once again!


There I go I went to sleep and woke up with the laptop on my face literally because I was so drunk last night. I guess I partied too much. I just hope the hangover doesn't step in. I'm eating spaghetti for breakfast since I woke up at about 2PM. But I'm excited to know our plans of going to Galera is pushing through to have rest and recreation. This happens when I needed it most. Now, after this bowl of spaghetti I forgot I was supposed to go to MOA and buy the ERASERHEADS shirt I was dreaming about since that nostalgic event at the concert. Oh my! It's a good thing mah colleague Vince was in MOA and practically waiting for the same thing. I got him to buy me two of those and have them signed by Raimund Marasigan the band's drummer.

I also have my regrets not waking up sane because I missed the event for CABAL and the other games. I wish I had the strength to even walk now that I'm watching re-runs of American Idol. They got the big guy removed from the finals, he did weird this week.

All in all, I enjoyed my weekend... celebrating out with friends, a birthday too and a couple of shots. This just made my week! Thank goodness for clubbin!


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