Responsible Partying!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

It's spring break once again and studs and gals from all over the North America are going down to beaches to experience the splash southern tourist spots are known for. A lot of preparation for food, entertainment and luxurious boat rides are on their way but before anything else... I would like to impart a few reminders before you set sail.

If you plan to fish, make sure you have the right equipment. I know how hard it is to catch a fish for dinner when the whole bay is actually densely populated. So chances are you will be going deeper than the usual. There are local regulations that you need to follow too, I mean you might end up in a fish sanctuary and get jail time when you are seen eating an almost extinct kind right?

Do not overload the boat. There are thousands of people who passed away in my side of the world because the MARINA and Philippine Ports Authority allowed several ships to sail even if they are overloaded. The US has strict rules governing the amount of people that can ride on a boat. If they catch you having too many on board, there are corresponding punishments to be imposed on law breakers. So if you have gatecrashers on your party, get a bouncer to weed them out!

Don't Drink and Boat! The last thing you want is to have accidents while out in the sea. An out of control boat is more uncontrollable than cars driven by drunk drivers. The same rule applies in waterways too because the blood alcohol limit is still .08. If you plan to party a lot, make sure you have the boat captain drinking soda instead. Same fizz on the beverage did not hurt anybody anyway, just tell them it's spiked so they won't complain.

Nobody said that partying is a sin but making sure the people aboard your sea dwelling craft are safe should always be a priority. Taking spring break to a whole new level of enjoyment is still on the list but if someone gets hurt, it is inexcusable. Everybody needs to end in one piece so make sure you take necessary precaution if you plan to party hard. Just my 2 cents on this matter!


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