Sunday, March 22, 2009

This is a re make of sorts from a 1970's film from the same outfit Disney and a good family oriented movie at that when I watched Race to Witch Mountain starring THE ROCK aka Dwayne Johnson and a couple of other stars. The movie is all about a new york city taxi/former indi car 500/nascar driver played by Dwayne Johnson who was initially skeptic about aliens until he met 2 alien kids portrayed by Anna Sophia Robb and Alexander Ludwig who flew here on Earth because they needed to retrieve information for the planet's existence so they could in turn fix their own and prevent their army to occupy ours.

The kids also had powers which is kinda expected in most alien life forms (as if I've seen one huh?!) and the chase started on the event that an assassin from their realm went on hunting them. Since they rode on Dwayne Johnson's cab, he drove across state and back to Las Vegas to keep them safe and help them get the gadget which contains the information they needed so they can go back to their planet as soon as possible and not get killed. Of course the government also took their ship so the kids had to get them back after retrieving the gadget on an undergroud location. The only place to look for their ship considering the size of it was Witch Mountain which you could only see at the latter part of the movie. Some dissappointments were only felt on how lame the power of the kids were. Telekenisis was very limited and the change of body composition is powerful but on this movie it was not that much used. Maybe constraints on special effects budget perhaps? Yeah! its crisis anyway!

I will have to give this movie 3 KUMAGS for at least trying to make this. It could have been better with more of their powers and of course since this is a family movie I'd recommend kids watch this with their parents. It was nice don't get me wrong but they just needed to get the movie re done with the effects that it should have had in the first place!


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