Britney Spears is BACK!

Wednesday, March 04, 2009


After 5 years of being a hermit in her own little shell, with the hundreds of circus days behind her... Britney Spears is back with a vengeance!

A new tour has been kicked off in her own little hometown of Louisiana with a sold out crowd singing her greatest hits from way back in 2004 and her new album Circus that topped the US, UK, Asian charts and went platinum in a span of a few weeks. This is an unprecedented comeback for the pop princess. She is also back in shape with her tight lookin abs and slender body while she swayed to her hits the same day. I never really liked her that much but most of my friends do, and I kinda pitied her when all the fiascoes and things that happened to her marriage with KFED and the custody battle for her son. It just goes to show how appropriate her latest album title is... as CIRCUS... and she is now armed with a whip to tame everything and get her life back on track. I just hope she doesn't get suspended again for driving anytime soon. The paparazzi would surely be on their toes when this happens.I applaud you though for coming back! ^_^



Kokoi said...

i ♥ britney. hehe

kokoi said...

i ♥ britney. hehe