Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I watched this Portuguese series in youtube and I am kinda hooked on it right now. As absurd as it sounds this is a story between Max and Iago. Yeah you heard it right, its a love story between two guys. I'm not into telenovelas even in local tv, I just happened to find this randomly in youtube when I was browsing yesterday and now I have not left the PC for a minute.

They have a horrible place to start with because Iago had a long list of offenses from the law. Their parents did not approve of it too and they had to go through various hurdles to get accepted in the society and the people they live with. After all that fiasco at home, Iago could not find a job too. He had to steal so they can have money to get away but he was set up by other bandits. A jewlery heist of sorts. Then his mother died while on their last hit. After all that, they became more aloof with Max's parents. They tried to fix it but they ran into trouble as Max got kidnapped. He almost died.

I hope you also watch this series so you can take part on where I got hooked while going my way through youtube... this is something else and I recommend you watch it!



Anonymous said...

i know!the series is really quite captivating..although (spoiler)the ending is somewhat sad...

Anonymous said...

The show is Catalan actually...but you're right, it's a great story (: