Making the Band Again!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I was in a band once in college and we did not get through the music industry that much because we only did it for fun and maybe there were only a couple of friends and band enthusiasts that took notice of us. I know how hard it is to get publicized in this industry because I have been there and done that.

We made amends with ourselves and accepted we could not continue anymore because we had our own lives too. We studied and all graduated in our own Engineering fields, now we have our own folks and families to take care of and we still reminisce what we might have been. Today the Internet has been a boundless medium for aspiring artists and music producers who would like to hear something different. I wonder if we tried one more time and got our act together again. If it happened now, would our dreams of getting the band and our music discovered become reality? It's a long shot I know but if you think about it, everybody deserves a second chance. Maybe someday if the Gods and Goddesses of Olympus allow it, they can let us try once again. There are interesting web sites I'll try out soon like - Got Music? Find Fans! Love Music? Find Talent! They have Music Video and Audio Charts so everyone can see how you fare in the battle. Musicians can also get their Gig schedules, CD Releases, and services publicized because the connection is already there we just need to seize the opportunity and show the world our brand of music.

If this does not work, then maybe we all would realize that we would all have a happy feeling that we have not wasted out time but have done our best. Maybe get an act together and prove that second time is a charm right?!

I wish the band had a reunion too!


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