Stressful Day at Work..

Monday, March 16, 2009

I'm still sick but I manage to go to office even if I have colds and a lil cough. Its verging into a flu... I just hope it doesn't get worse. Maybe next time I'll try and have a vacation instead of pulling myself to work each day because I always gunned for the perfect attendance. Yeah, I haven't had an absence in like 5 years would you believe that?

Well now its more weirder because I am obliged not to even take my leave credits because that would be also taken against the perfect attendance marks and would disqualify the incentives for that. Oh well, maybe sometime soon my planned Euro, US/Australian trip would materialize. Hey, my cousin even wants to hire me in Brisbane (I think) because of their IT thingy there. I'll take a look and try that out... nothing bad in that right?

Plans for the future? Well I don't want to plan now, I am patiently just waiting for things to fall into place. Maybe in the next few months if they all become true then why not... I just have to make sure I do a good job in what I'm doin today... I'm living my life with no regrets that's for sure.


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