Web Hosting In These Hard Times

Sunday, March 22, 2009

There is the sad truth about businesses closing here and around the United States. This also means some websites would end up the same way like the forum site I always visit that because of budget constraints it will also be shut down and sold to the highest bidder. I would probably miss the people I was able to become friends with in the past 4 years. I'm sad because the site owner thought he does not have any recourse but to sell it. I know I would have been the best person they talked to because I know where they can get better web hosting services on line but I think they have already decided on this a long time ago. Maybe it's just too late to save that and the users who frequent that and their social network.

I saw information on the web comparing web hosting sites and I would recommend you visit Web Hosting Rating to check out what would be best for your own domain. For web masters like me, this is vital information so I could get a better deal in getting my site up on cyberspace. It is important so investments like these which cost a lot would be put on the board early on. It never struck me how important it was until this incident came. All my saved friends and my articles will also go down the drain because of this. Imagine the hundreds of sites they also will be deleting because they did not think ahead and got the finances taken cared of. Maybe now that their initial provider does not have that URL anymore listed in their system I can have that for my own. That's a long shot I know but imagine if I had the chance to get that right... I would be the proud owner of one of the most sought after social networking sites. That would be a nice thing to put on my portfolio sometime soon. The list still goes on and on for companies affected by the global financial crisis. I hope it ends soon.


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