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Thursday, March 26, 2009

I'm having lots of fun these few weeks as my character in CABAL is getting stronger by the day. The lesser known online game is what I have been painstakingly grinding on while online everyday on my new ASUS Laptop. Maybe that's why I had the great graphics card on the computer anyway. Though I'm spending a little on the cards I buy for premium in game items, I'm really not regretting each peso I spare for this one. I'm enjoying it a lot and I spend more time at home because of this. I like spending time in the gym but if I were to choose what to do, it would probably be getting into this game. I would really want to start a fad playing this game while running in the treadmill. That would just be hilarious!

It is quite addicting I know and it's so hard to try each day to just take my hands off the keyboard. This is so addicting just like WORLD OF WARCRAFT. Going medieval in the land of dungeons, dragons, might and magic has never been better. I was so convinced about seeking ways to at least get the taste of this world wide phenomenon because it is a paid service. There are millions already who continue to play this game even if times are really hard in the US and elsewhere. Imagine that, the players of this single game can populate an entire country!

Graphics wise it is far out better than the one handled by CABAL because in my opinion it is way better. There are services you can avail by purchasing a wow game card. At almost $30, you can use them for 60 days and get serious gaming pleasure with people around the world. Majority of them are from the United States but that does not mean that other ones from other countries are inferior. I'm sure if there would be big events that could get on with this particular game and international servers available in the Philippines it would really be a huge hit!

In the mean time, I'll stick with playing this MMO game CABAL. See you at Mercury Server with my Level 100 Wizard!


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