The Chris Brown and Rihanna Reunion

Monday, March 02, 2009

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I like many of you am outraged about this supposed reunion of Chris Brown and RIHANNA. This was rumored to happen in Sean "P. DIDDY" Combs island mansion in Miami Beach, Florida. It is so huge that you could not see that much inside the property even if you had hovering helicopters or the most powerful paparazzi lenses in the world to get those free pictures.

I would be disappointed if this would just go to them making up and not have someone get jail time because obviously RIHANNA had a better beating than Chris Brown. If you were hit in the face and mouth that hard and you still choose to stay with that kind of man (thinking he's just a boyfriend right?) then you must be sick also. But of course if this is not true, Chris Brown must me doing a lot of negative publicity to tarnish the reputation of RIHANNA. She must then do something about it not just for her but the rest of the women around the world that fall victim to domestic violence. A simple sorry wouldn't cure the wounds he may have inflicted. This is definitely more skin deep.

Would you still consider going back with the man after he did this to you?



anne said...

definitely not, if I were rihanna, I would cuss chris brown if I get the chance or might be ipakain ko siya sa pating sa dagat hehehehe.. this is not good rihanna should have something to do about it.

Anonymous said...

Rihanna should find someone else. She deserves someone better! Someone who's not sadistic or mentally/psychologically-troubled.. Very unhealthy relationship! By the way, i like your page. Cool!!

I'll add your link up.. ;)

Anonymous said...

It was a publicity stunt. And it worked. They both got their faces on a lot of magazine covers these past 2 weeks.

If it wasn't just a publicity stunt then people will know soon enough. Domestic abusers don't just stop hitting. So you won't have to wait long if there is a rematch coming up because it will happen soon.