An Afternoon Delight

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Before I slept yesterday, I watched a couple of episodes of the reality show "The real housewives of NYC". They were in their posh surroundings and people as usual. This may not be only for media mileage because there are some conflicts here and there with the main characters. How they resolve their problems in life and their families would be another program I'm sure.

On a lighter note, I watched the premier Dancing with the Stars episode yesterday and it was great. I am rooting for Denise Richards like any of you guys out there that watched her reality show too. Yeah, I know.. even after all that talk and negotiations with Charlie Sheen, the tattoo she got removed from her foot... she's till one beautiful woman any man would want. Her kids are cute too... I hope none of those depressing episodes affect you though. That would just make you frown and cause wrinkles soon.

I hope she wins this season. My bet last season did win too. I kinda got a niche with predicting winners, I wonder where I got that.


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