Francis "Kiko" Magalona (October 4, 1964 - March 6, 2009)

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Francis "Kiko" Magalona (October 4, 1964 - March 6, 2009)

am one of the few millions of people who idolize the King of Philippine Rap Francis Magalona. The only one who paved the way for the rap industry to exist in the country. A lot of people have been touched by this good man, he left behind yesterday afternoon 8 kids and his wife in the long withstanding battle against leukemia. He was a great man for Filipinos and international artists he worked with. I'm sure a lot of us will miss him.

He presented rap from this republic differently. I'll never look at the 3 stars and the sun the same way again because he changed part of the music industry. He instilled patriotism in his lyrics and never looked so ingenious in every aspect. I have lost an idol. It's so sad that I'm watching one of the greatest bands later (The Eraserheads) that worked with him and even idolized his work too. I don't want to ask why good people always part too early. Master Rapper Francis Magalona, I have nothing to say anymore... but THANK YOU.

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