OpenSnap: A Great New Way To Share Your Food Adventures!

Friday, May 02, 2014

Asia's premier dining guide just expanded their portfolio by whipping up a new app which is now available for FREE in the App Store and Google Play Store which is aptly called OpenSnap. It's something new that concentrates on mostly food and food establishments so if you want to go out and dine with some of your friends and family, you won't have any problems choosing which place to go and what things to order because it's all there!

I love my timeline already. I initially had restaurants from around the world on it but as I progressed to add some of my friends and family, I'm already seeing some of my neighborhood restaurants which is so good! It'll be easier to see if they have something new on the menu and places to hang out.

Obviously, I'm seeing those that are near the Tomas Morato area too because I live within the vicinity. There are also a couple of coffee shops that I frequent in and I'm so excited to push some of my photos in the system. Remember, installing OpenSnap will get you connected to the OpenRice database which will get you hooked up to over a million restaurants in the Philippines.

OpenSnap even got my photos organized automatically by the app and set it by location. Whatever restaurant I indicate, it automatically goes there. isn't it convenient?! :) There might be some bugs to work on says the Brand Manager Ms. Heidie Agbayani Tan but rest assured they are all using the feedback to better resolve these issues. Just like any app, some are found while on transit but they've got a pretty good form that you can fill up via the app or web.

The app also gets you to share your food stories to top social network sites such as Facebook, Twitter and China's Weibo. You can also log in and allow your usual credentials to log in on the app so it'll be easy to register your profile. If you wish, you can register a separate one just for the app. Isn't that great?! :) Oh and before I forget please follow me on the app by searching for the name indicated above. I'm sure he's good looking haha! Like my photos too so you'll have great fortune as you go along this thing we call life!

Install it on your phones now, because pretty soon this will be a hit and you'll thank me for it!


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