Now Open: The New Greenwich Pizzeria!

Thursday, May 01, 2014

Who doesn't love Greenwich Pizza?! With the freshest ingredients topped on great thin crust, you just can't get enough of their pizzas. Those lovely chicken and pasta combos are also affordable aside from the fact that their full flavored lasagnas are to die for. If you are just up for a snack, you can grab their frozen drinks and just chow on cut fries in your favorite cheese and barbecue flavors. Dip it in their own salsa and it's a done deal! Well, almost. They haven't really stopped there. We went to their grandest store a few days ago to get a taste of these awesome food in an awesome setting. Ladies and gentlemen, this is the new Greenwich Pizzeria!

This is the newly opened store in SM North Edsa's second floor. There's no other store like this yet but they are in the plans of changing the look of other stores into this new whimsical one pretty soon. I love the more modern vibe and it'll probably be a great place to hangout by kids, families and young ones too. If you haven't been here, it's a place that you'll be happy to spend time in with your closest friends.

Oh and speaking of friends, he came inside the store and all hell broke lose!

The cute and cuddly John Lloyd Cruz suddenly appeared all thin and super bodied than the last time we saw him in ABSCBN. He's been working out but without sacrificing his love for his favorite Greenwich Overload Hawaiian Pizza! He was so happy about the new store that he began giving out free pizza to everyone in the restaurant.... he even gave some outside the mall! It went out like magic because as soon as John Lloyd took out his hand with a box of pizza, the ladies immediately fall on their knees and beg for more... both of John Lloyd and the pizza of course!

Best of all, he gave it away for free! Now if you love John Lloyd, you'll surely love the new store. 

We even met some of the store's proponents, parts of the team that thought about the overall design and feel for the Greenwich Pizzeria! They are so proud of this that they can't wait to implement it in other stores nationwide. With the brewing demand for new things in the market, Greenwich chooses to be a familiar homey establishment but still maintain their true colors. That is why John Lloyd was so happy to see the new Greenwich Pizzeria, he says this is something that he never thought would happen. Everything is going to change and they are ready. We are looking forward to all these changes soon!

There will be more great offerings perfect for groups and individuals if you go to your nearby Greenwich Pizza store or order through 55555. Aside from that, once that your favorite branch starts to be converted into these mod industrial hangouts, you might find John Lloyd Cruz one of these days. He'll have these faces, his eyes look at you so intense you'll have to order more Greenwich Overload Hawaiian Pizza and Greenwich Lasagna Supreme just to keep him on your table. Be nice and spend quality time with your family and friends. Overloaded sa sulit

Pizza please! :)


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