Bela Padilla Visits P.A.W.S.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Gorgeous on a hot sunny day, Bela Padilla celebrated a worthy birthday at PAWS (Philippine Animal Welfare Society's Rehab Center). She might be a good actress and model in our eyes but what I saw that afternoon was a different side of her. She actually adores kids and the elderly but when asked how to celebrate her birthday this year, she thought about the plight of the cute little animals and this foundation. It's something different but very close to her heart.

Together with Belavers (her official fan club) and us, we proceeded to get to know the facility found in Quezon City. It's right underneath the bridge going to Marikina. The place currently only holds abandoned cats and dogs. It's not a pound so they can't hold everything and they don't put down animals like your local pound. Bela donated food and cleaning materials for the shelter because it's something that they really need. If you have time and resources to do this, I suggest you bring along your friends and get involved. Bela and the Belavers even prepared their food that afternoon. They made food servings for the cats and dogs in different cages. There are a lot and some of them are really not in good condition. There are even some of them in the ICU cage that the lone veterinarian is taking care of. Mind you, they have 2 operating tables and only 1 vet for the whole facility. There are hundreds of cats there, I don't even know how they're doing it but I think the volunteers have a lot to do with it.

PAWS Shelter Director Ms. Heidi Guzon says that some pet owners fail to think long and hard about the responsibilities of pet ownership before they actually get a pet. She also encourages that before getting one, one should consider getting those from a shelter first. The rescued cats and dogs from these establishments are taken cared of, given the right amount of cure then trained physically and psychologically. When they are ready, they confirm if the pets are good for adoption and screen owners as a process. This would make sure that the receiving families would surely take care of these cats and dogs. Something that would benefit both the pets and those that would adopt them.

Oh and yes, I did find some adorable friends along the way. These cats were really affectionate. Although I was allergic to fur and was almost getting an asthma attack that afternoon, I still did try my best to pet some of them on the head. Just look at their reactions no?

They served the special meals for the kittens and older cats. That goes the same with the puppies and dogs. The feline meal comprised of real fish and they took out the bones. Then for the dogs, they put in real ground beef and rice. You can really see how much care they put in on these cute and cuddly ones.

 Thank you so much to the good people of GMA Artist Center for organizing this very touching party. Thank you also to Tempura Japanese Grill who served the best Iced Tea (which I had tons of glasses of) and Japanese snacks during that afternoon (I visit your restaurant often here in Tomas Morato). Thank you also to the Belavers, Active White, Sundance and to the lady owner of Sweet Escape who had one of the best caramel covered cupcakes that I've ever tasted. You made Bela's birthday celebration very festive and fun for the people at the shelter. Bela will also be in a program with Dennis Trillo called Sa Puso ni Dok soon, you should watch that.

I'd really love to see more of GMA's artists going out there and do charity work. It feels so nice that they get to help people and these animals get a home of their own. You might want to adopt one, please do call them at 4751688 or check out their website


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