The Secret Is Out! The Shakey's Pizza 1954!

Sunday, May 25, 2014

The secret they've been brewing has been finally revealed a few days ago. It's the ultimate tasty throwback as Shakey's introduces the Pizza 1954 which is now available in all their stores nationwide!  

This coincides with their 60th year and it'll be something that wouldn't be the same pizza every time it goes out of the kitchen because this will be 100% hand made. Now think of hand tossed gourmet dough crust seasoned with fresh rosemary and basil leaves, spiced Italian sausage, Angus beef, red onions, pepperoni slices,  parmesan and 100% mozarella cheese. If that wouldn't satisfy your cravings for a classy gourmet pizza, I don't know what will.

At Php 450, this is really a steal. Aside from that, you can get your favorite group meals pizza traded for the Pizza 1954. If you're happy with that, they take it up a notch by giving you a chance to win a brand new MINI too! (Ask about it by calling their hotline 77777!) Wow! Jaws dropped, loved what you ate, then win a car? Crazy right? Well they're not done yet as they mentioned they'll be coming up with even MORE pizza flavors and other products this year. Hope you'll be ready for that too!

Ms. Koi Castillo, the brand manager for Shakey's says "This is truly and innovation for Shakey's since we are the first in the pizza category to offer contemporary gourmet pizza. We will further develop this new category of Shakey's pizza and create more iconic products for our guests".

That night, I even brought my friends from the Red Tribe to Shakey's in Quezon Avenue. They took care of us like long lost friends. They recommended the Pizza 1954 right off the bat and my friends enjoyed it! Kudos to our server Cath for taking care of us all throughout our stay in Shakey's, she even put our pizzas on plates and served drinks like clockwork. That's great service right there. Thank you Shakey's for bringing us a new pizza flavor, now we'll enjoy this gourmet pizza every time we get to Shakey's near our place. Now if you're craving for it, you should too! Get that Pizza 1954 on your table soon!


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