LIBERATE - Borgy Manotoc for Bench Celebrity Scents

Thursday, May 29, 2014

He's one of the most eligible bachelors in the country but is seriously and currently hooked up with one of the gorgeous faces in show business Georgina Wilson - he's Borgy Manotoc. He's been strutting the runway since his teens and lived a life predominantly away from the limelight and shadows of his family - made his own name in the fashion industry. With his chiseled looks and a jawline perfect for print and the runway, he possesses and holds freedom that he wanted to have for so long. His passion for modeling, was all but natural. His business acumen, came along instinctively and builds on his fervor to express his likeness of streetwear, concocting beverages or simple urban sound. 

It was time, Bench found these qualities in him and put it inside a bottle. Ladies and gentlemen, this is LIBERATE by Borgy Manotoc for Bench Celebrity Scents.

 This exact feeling of spinning, twirling, free falling, going against the waves is what he wants to inculcate in the minds of each guy wearing this scent. He had a hand in selecting the tones on this EDT fragrance. It's got that ice cold likeness and some hints of fruity, floral and grassy undertones that is perfect for the person who wants it light and not too strong but still finds it severely manly.

During the event, he asked us to go upstairs to check out some art installations and the video preview of the scent seen above. It was also at this time when Georgina Wilson arrived. Lucky guy!

Sweetness ensued. Then, we got a gorgeous DJ spinning for us that evening.

She did this all for the love of Borgy Manotoc. You too can probably have a girl like her if you smell like Borgy. So go ahead and grab one of his gorgeous bottles at all Bench stores nationwide! I'm loving the scent... if you are finding something different from your normal go to scent, the EDT would be a perfect alternative or to wear every day.

Liberate by Borgy Manotoc for Bench Celebrity Scents.


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