Adidas Releases Body Care Line

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Wherever you are or whatever you do, you go through the ravages of time and Manila's sometimes polluted air. Skin care isn't really a priority for some of us but I'm here to tell you about what adidas have on their sleeve as an answer to Men's general hygeine needs. Yes you read that right, adidas just came out with a new body care line and will be releasing it now in the Philippines. So that's why I saw some of these on the shelves of Mercury drug stores a few days ago.

This has been developed together with athletes who pretty much use this on a regular basis. The only difference is, they perspire or put in grime and mud at a much faster pace than us. This is real life sports innovation and is designed to work for every man who needs it.

Here is the adidas superior body care line!

adidas Deo Body Spray

They have developed a formula that is fully absorbent and a good anti-perspirant in adidas Sport Energy Deo Body Spray. It is your best defense against sweat and keeps you cool and dry with its formula. This Body Spray keeps you dry up to 72 hours that would spare you from those humiliating moments that might get you smelly. The citrus scent feels and smells fresh even if you indulge in extreme sports. It's also available in Ice Dive, Pure Game, Team Force, Ice Effect and Pro-Invisible variants so if you don't like the scent you've got a pretty wide range of scents to choose from. It will still make you win no matter what the challenge is! 

adidas Roll On

Roll ons are just roll ons unless it's an adidas Deo Roll On. It's your best defense against underarm wetness and odor. It has the patented Cool & Dry Technology designed to get you maximum absorption and keeps you dry up to 72 hours. It also prevents skin irritation which you may encounter with other brands. Consider yourself lucky now that you know it.

adidas Shower Gels

Men don't usually fuss about soaps and shampoos but with its unique 3-in-1 effect adidas Shower Gel for men is the only complete shower gel for Body-Hair-and Face. It hydrates your skin, conditions your hair and takes care of the sensitivity on your face. You can't get that much function at this price point.

The adidas Ice Effect Shower gel has got Polar Menthol that gives a deep and cooling sensation that would be super for those coming from an intense workout. Making you feel fresh all day, whoo!

The adidas After Sport Shower gel on the other hand is enriched with an extra protein formula that helps rebalance your skin’s natural hydration. Making it feel so soft and supple like a baby's bum. It's definitely for active men who live on the extreme side of life.

It is also available in variants like Ice Dive, Pure Game, Team Force and Sport Energy. All smellin so good, you'll never see your man more sexy wearing other things than adidas!

You can get your adidas Body Care products now in Watsons, SM Supermarkets, 7 Eleven and other leading stores and grocers everywhere!  Have you already tried Adidas Body Care? If not, it's the perfect time to do it! 


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