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Sunday, May 18, 2014

This is a moment in TV history that we should never miss. The Voice Kids will be shown on ABSCBN as usual and they have been doing the auditions since November last year. They have picked the best of the best during the blind auditions and as I quote the judges this year, you can pit them against the adults if given a chance but really, this is only for kids ages 8 to 14.

We met with the judges and hosts a few days ago and it was nice to know what they've thought about the contestants this season. It was completely out of the box but with the few that they've seen so far, they are impressed. Standard wise, Bamboo says he went down a bit because you can't be too technical judging these youngsters. Their talents are raw and you can really see that they need help in that department. He enjoys every single bit of it though because the kids have no lack in talent. Filipinos are the best singers and this is really a good testament to that in fact. Bamboo also sang with us because the venue had KTV. He sang it like Bamboo would haha. Even if it was a RnB song he put his spin on it if you know what I mean.

Gorgeous and simple in a little white dress, the Pop Princess Sarah Geronimo was there too and we talked to her a bit about her expectations in this show. She goes out and said she was really impressed with the kids and you can pit them with professionals and might still get away with it. She also says she sees herself in them because she went through the same thing when she was young. Some of these kids have around 30-50 singing contests that they joined and some of them are real champions. This one would be a cinch for them no doubt. Will the public be that kind too to these cute ones? We'll have to find out when The Voice Kids start!

Sarah was so nice too. She grabbed the microphone and made a duet with Rod Magaru. See? She really does make dreams come true! :)

This season is also Luis Manzano's first stint at The Voice Philippines. He will be hosting together with Alex Gonzaga. They'll be in different parts so they wouldn't be doing the hosting thing at the same time. Luis will mostly be in the back stage interviewing the contestants. 

They surprised Luis with this cake... then asked him some questions about The Legal Wife and Angel Locsin. It looks like they are very happy, especially when he told us about the lunch/dinner his whole family had with Angel. It was like she never really left that relationship. More so that his Mom star for all seasons Governor Vilma Santos said "Welcome Home" to her. Isn't that sweet? I know.

Well, more of these things and MORE will happen once you get to see the first day of The Voice Kids on ABSCBN.Watch the blind audition teasers here!


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