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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Nelson Liao CEO/President of EasyShop Online Inc. opens the show. Promises a new and easy way to shop online designed for the Asian market.

It was a great night to see the faces behind big businesses as new online marketplace EasyShop.ph just opened its doors to celebrate "Seller's Night" last Saturday at Greenhills in San Juan City. EasyShop.ph wanted this to be a beginning of a fruitful relationship and they've initiated to thank these merchants by giving away big prizes and tons of freebies that evening. 

 This is just the pre donning, but their site will be officially launched on the 15th of June this year. They promise to bring a perfect and safe platform for sellers and shoppers starting from ultra safe payment options making each transaction risk free. That's definitely a cause to celebrate and something both buyers and sellers would appreciate come launch date. 

Nelson Liao adds "We have a long term relationship with phone companies and we have them have the app already pre installed on their units. These companies can sell a million smart phones in just a few months, this just means we can have a user base with the same amount and make it easy for them to shop with the latest models too. A unit could last a few years and even grow more. As for advertising, we are investing in Google ads, Facebook and other social media channels so you really get the best mileage out of our site. We also have partner companies that would put EasyShop.ph on their vehicles so you'll practically see us every where... all day!". He also says the ease of doing business in EasyShop is tantamount to the success of their business. This is the reason why their registration process for sellers can be done in just a few steps. Register your business, verify your email and post your items. Posting items though would require you to put in your bank details (as a seller because this is where your money goes) so it is very easy to open a business in EasyShop.ph. There's no limit in the items you could put in it and as of now they've got 2,000 sellers online already with 5,000 products in the site. 

The difference between them and current online shops is that they have this full proof. Other sites only provide platform and leave the buyer and sellers to themselves when transacting. This makes it difficult and prone to scamming just like what he experienced years ago. They developed something that would make it safe for the buyers now as they are engaged in the transaction. They hold the amount until the buyer receives the item. They guarantee the payments too with the sellers. They are currently giving the transactions free right now to sellers until November this year. Until that month, they won't charge the regular 3% they usually do per transaction. Now that's a deal breaker right there!

Payment options available currently are Dragonpay, Paypal, banks like BPI, BDO, Metrobank and almost all popular banks in the Philippines. They are also connected with Bayad Centers which means you can literally pay on almost all 711 branches nationwide over the counter. Isn't that convenient? The site also discourages meetups which wastes time and money too.

Returns are also easy because buyers can freeze the amount of transaction if you see any reason your product doesn't work right or have any defects. Unless both parties agree, customers always have the option to return the item as accorded by EasyShop.ph guidelines. Buyers on the other hand would be able to get the transaction completed after 15 days, where both parties happy of course! See how much care they put into your safety?! That's just the tip of the iceberg, you just have to find out for yourselves how easy it is!

Expect also the Android and iOS apps to come out soon, perhaps together when they launch the site officially. EasyShop.ph has partnerships with Nelsoft Technology Inc. and PoziHongKong Technology Ltd. who are huge software development entities who host the website. Making sure your data is safe, all the time, every time! If you have questions, please feel free to check out their website (http://www.EasyShop.ph) and the channels below. You can also email them at info@EasyShop.ph or call (+632)354-5973.


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