Kathryn Bernardo Endorses Ruffles

Sunday, May 04, 2014

We found a very ecstatic Kathryn Bernardo a few days ago at SM Makati when Ruffles, one of the leading fashion bags maker launched her as the new face for the brand. Kathryn Bernardo known for her popular sets of shows and series in ABSCBN was a fit persona for the bubbly and girly designs that Ruffles had so it was really apt to get her, says the Selwyn Ching the brand manager for Ruffles Bags. 

This campaign is also named after her previous shot Got To Believe. They named it Ruffles Bags: Got to be Me, Got to be Ruffles. Ruffles has so many designs available whether casual or sporty. Stuff that you can take on formal or informal events, fashionable sling ones, back packs that can be perfect for school and travel. Something that you won't see everyday.

Kathryn is perfect for Ruffles because she has the youth's individuality in mind. They are playful, lovely and think about being original and different. Young girls today are very different from the ones before. Personalities, a lot more different. They are also getting more of themselves out there expressing how they feel into fashion and accessories. What they wear is mostly what defines them and young Filipinas are becoming bolder design and color wise. This is the thing that Ruffles has addressed in their lines all these years.

She also looks so pretty in all angles. Ruffles knows that I've got to be me, says Kathryn Bernardo. This is part of every young girl's life to create style and finding the right bag to match who you are. She is also thankful that Ruffles has been supporting her even before this campaign that's why it's something that she'd use personally.

Ruffles bags are also very affordable because they only range from Php 300 to Php 800 each. If that doesn't convince you to love Kathryn Bernardo more, I don't know what will. This was also the time when Kath was asked about what gift she'll give Daniel for his birthday. She only hinted that she bought him something practical and something that he needs because she doesn't want to give him something that he won't use eventually. I love them much like you do! :)

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