Filipino Slang Reaches WeChat Sticker Gallery!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Like whoa! I can't believe my eyes! It looks like we're in for a treat today as WeChat just started speaking our language! Oh yes! The fun in the Philippines never stops as Filipino slang finally reaches this social messaging app that we absolutely love! Now, you'll find the normal things people utter on the streets - spoken by ordinary Filipinos which you won't usually see on school, literature or find in books. The Filipino language is definitely evolving and it's turning out to be quite and adventure. 

Just imagine our 7,107 islands. It's got about 175 recognized dialects that can be called in unison as "Filipino". Even as tourists, you'll have something in your sleeve as the Philippines also ingrained in its popular culture a distinctive form of communication known as "Filipino slang". You won’t find this category in books but you’ll hear the series of catchphrases on the streets, from local television shows to just about anywhere where the influences of media exist. It is very dynamic and changes from day to day. A combination of English and Tagalog,  to gay lingo, to street dweller terminologies, you would see something that you could use in everyday life. 

As our language change and evolve, WeChat provides a very social mobile application that follows the color and hues of the Filipino vernacular. 16 fully new funny stickers that would imply the inventiveness of our writings and the immeasurable joyfulness of our innate humor. You won't find it anywhere but here. Get ready to put in your messages statements as “Bahala na si Batman!”,  “Boom!”, “Push mo yan!” and “Gorabels!”. One could never run out of fun quirky ways telling your friends, office mates and relatives something new every time you chat on one great social messaging application like WeChat. This set is currently available at WeChat’s Sticker Gallery which you can easily access by clicking on Me then go to the Sticker Gallery.

I can't wait to use these stickers on you guys! :)


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