Converse Sneakers Clash

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

This sight just brought me back to second year college while I was in the brink of insanity because of my AC/DC circuits subject. Though this one has very good load on it because CONVERSE just released their Spring 2014 collection. This is part of a worldwide release of an homage to the old Converse All Star '70 designed by Chuck Taylor. This is Sneakers Clash.

Included in this collection is the camouflage and zebra prints. It was first seen in the Converse All Star Chuck '70. They are bringing the nostalgia and put them into new styles now as seen above. This also contains a heavier, thicker canvas textile, a smaller toe box, reinforced stitched heels and strips, plus premium nickel metal parts, thicker and cushioned interiors.

They also introduced Michael Carandang as one of their endorsers. On this shot is the President and CEO of Filcon Manufacturing Corporation Ms. Margie Go. Carandang says Converse is like second nature to him and he can't remember not wearing them even in the US. Michael is the producer of shows like Jerry Springer, America's Next Top Model and the Tyra Banks Show. He's a full pledged Filipino and has decided to stay here now. I've seen him countless times in Philippine Fashion Week and shows from other brands but he looks happy here.

Great bands like Peso Movement, Gracenote, Paranoid City and Stereodeal were there too to sweeten things up. These bands represent the All Star Core Creative, Converse Creative Connector, Cons Creative Active, Jack Purcell Creative Curators persona in this year's collection. They showed great colors, graphic mixes and an outstanding array of designs that can be worn by any Filipino making it truly a remarkable release for the season.

We also saw what colors meant for Converse as they showcased a dance number by this group all clad in colors of the shoes itself!

It was amazing. I heard these guys were also going to represent the Philippines in Las Vegas. If there would be something like this, Converse will surely be supporting them.

Then a fashion show ensued, showing the lovely clothes and shoes from this collection.

Everyone was actually invited to take photos with the models real time. They did that and more. I even made my self my own shirt. It looked wonderful when I got home. 

Just pour paint on it and spin it around like crazy and voila! It's a custom shirt made like the shoes from Converse! :)

Thank you so much Converse Philippines for letting us cover your show! For more of the fashion show, please check this album for the Converse Sneaker Clash.


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