The Digital Filipino Psyche on Online Entertainment

Friday, May 02, 2014

There's so many things to tell you about the Filipino way of thinking and how we at most - try to paint a picture about how we inculcate in our lives - online entertainment. 

 We are a different breed. Due to the rousing obvious influences of Spanish, Japanese and American rule in our country, we are much of a melting pot of cultures. Today, we have somehow made the same advancements and made it a part of our young smartphone and tablet habits. Some are well involved colloquys and some are just plain opinions. Although we see something that strike us a little off delving into topics like these, young Filipinos from 16-24 choose to have apps like WeChat to entertain us as individuals. It's not just all serious talk now. Things can go relaxed and become our best friend when the need comes through. Like me and WeChat which I use to socialize virtually. What's yours?

If you don't know yet, you might fall into these categories:

1. The Political Brainwave

If you care too much about your hard earned taxes, the current Bangsamoro Agreement in Mindanao and the people who are suppose to be jailed but are still in hospitals receiving pampering; then you are part of this group. For the longest time, you've been talking about current government and political events and don't mind being the one voicing out your opinion about the next presidential elections on Facebook for everyone to see, then you are part of the populace that discuss this topic which comprises 55% of internet users and 57% of WeChat users in the Philippines. Imagine that!

2. The Superstar Reflex

We might as well admit it - that we love to gossip and talk about celebrities in different mediums. You might not be the one holding megaphones and announcing it all on the streets but of course you maybe the person inside your homes watching every KathNiel or The Legal Wife scene on TV and putting your reactions online. News, gossip or whatever you call it, you are part of a whole 54% of average internet users and 55% of WeChat users go online who discuss this with fervor! Something you can say you can't live without daily! You also go out of your way to post photos, videos and other media just to show your passion... now that's amazing!

3. The Nerves of Speed

If you are fans of car shows, auto exhibits and love all that has 4 wheels and a great body, then you are part of a number of people who talk about the third most interesting topic across social networking services. Measured in general and in WeChat chatter, that's a great feat in itself. Seeing an agricultural country as ours crave for something like automobiles means there's relentless progress right there. Purchasing power? Perhaps... there's just a lot of people interested in these things. It's a welcome change and something that you know could measure economic activity if they begin splurging and get interested in cars. Just ask the tons of Philippine jeepneys and foreign race cars I've seen in local shows and you know we're almost drowning in them. Good thing really.

4. The Adventure Hormones

Labor Day became Laboracay and those remote islands just became populated. We can never have much of vacations and holidays just so we can get a feel of how it is to have adventure, sports and wildlife in the mix. If we're working too hard or getting stressed all the time in the four walls of your cube in the office, the only way to NOT be stressed is by going out and exploring the other 7,107 islands we haven't been too in the Philippines. Studies reveal that around 51% of average internet users or 55% of WeChat users talk about these adrenaline inducing activities we might be missing out on. Those jump and solo shots on your Instagram are a dead giveaway.

5. The Beauty Bone

You might think this is just because of your friends who are addicted looking at themselves in the mirror, but it's not just that. Take account the various make up tutorials and lovely fashion advices plus the star of the show... your pets! It's similar to humans but if you get into the gritty details of it, almost 57% are talking about pet grooming and care in WeChat. Now that can't be ignored, hence the volume of people loving or wishing to be perfect.

We are nice people and understanding us a bit and how we go about our lives in the Philippines may well reflect our culture. It's a good thing we have things that motivate us to be better than what we were yesterday. Technology complements our race and it connects us to friends, loved ones in more ways than one. Same with Video, Hold to Talk and Chat that not only makes it easy for us to stay in touch. We might hold the title of the heaviest video chat usage already and we're not going to be surprised. Our culture holds a ton of importance with family. Same as some our other neighboring Asian countries perhaps, but ours maybe a bit warmer and a tad better!


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